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1991 Sept_Zounds.pdf

September 1991 issue of Zounds magazine (article about the prison concert)

850819_Hot Lix lobo ad.pdf
870817_Hot Lixx Helps Out Off-Air.pdf
880328_Lobo Forum_Singleton.pdf

Commentary in the March 28, 1988 Daily Lobo 

880407_journal_UNM protest.pdf

article in the April 7, 1988 Albuquerque Journal


article in the April 7 UNM Daily Lobo

The "unofficial" business card.  The phone number was his house phone, not the station phone.  The number is no longer his, so don't try to call it!

Dad and Allen Cooper in the hall at KUNM

Most people will remember this license plate being on the Beetle, but our VW squareback was the first vehicle to bear the Hot Lix plate.

During one of the Chicago Special shows

The last Hot Lix show

Reilly Johnson_OJAJ article.pdf

Reilly Johnson article - "10 Years of Wild Times at the Joint"

Here is a gem from the main KUNM archive that is now in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, a project of the Library of Congress and WGBH. It is a recording of a live broadcast KUNM aired of an April 1989 anti-tuition hike rally on the UNM Mall attended by hundreds. This demonstration was also in support of the two-week occupation of Scholes Hall by students opposed to the tuition increase.

Outta Joint concert 1981

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Outta Joint concert 1983

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Outta Joint concert 1984

Outta Joint concert 1985

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Outta Joint concert 1987

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