Recordings of Dad's show, interviews, ramblings, etc.

Many of Dad's shows, interviews, and other recordings are in the process of being digitized. They will be added here when available.


Interview with Paul Ingles about music influences


Interview at South Valley Senior Center about being a veteran and other life experiences, for Veterans History Project

Dad talks about Outta Joint.mp3

Dad talks about starting the Outta Joint concerts, interview with Paul Ingles

Outta Joint 14 CharlieZ Interview - Part 1.mp3

Dad talks about bands and sponsors at the Outta Joint concerts, interview with Paul Ingles

Outta Joint 14 Open Montage.mp3

Dad and others talk about the importance of the Outta Joint concerts, interview with Paul Ingles

Death in a Southwest Prison - documentary on the 1980 penitentiary riot. Dad's voice in a clip of the Hot Lix show is heard at the end of the documentary.

Note: this documentary contains graphic images and descriptions of horrific events.

Dad's last Hot Lix show, on Saturday, August 29, 2009

Part One

*You might be required to download the file before you can play it.

Hal Rhodes interviews Lane McCotter, who was the Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Corrections Department from 1987-1992. The interview relates to conditions and practices at the New Mexico State Penitentiary, in the context of changes since the 1980 riot. This recording was part of Dad's collection, and I don't know whether it aired on KUNM.

A 15-minute snippet of a Hot Lix show - I don't know the date, but listening to Dad's voice tells me it's an early show.

Charlie interviews David Hendry about Vietnam