Photos of Dad

Me and Dad with the family Dodge (c. 1940); this photo and the four below were taken in 1977 by Diana Schoenfeld.

Dad at Bandelier.

I love this photo of Dad. He's running to help put out a fire in his neighbor's field. To me this photo is a wonderful representation of Dad’s attitude that when someone needs help, or when something needs to be done, grab your tools and go do it. He looks like a badass superhero.

Dad on the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI.

My neighbor took Dad to dig for clams. He had a lot of fun this day.

Dad in the village of Dobsina, Slovakia. The small brown cottage to the left of his head was built by Dad's great grandfather, Andrew Zdravecky.

Dad in Kosice, Slovakia.

One of the earliest Hot Lix shows. He hadn't even settled on the spelling; note the tee-shirt (it was red).

Dad receiving his Honor Man certificate after completing Navy basic training in 1963. The woman standing next to Dad is his mom.

Dad and his mom, just after he joined the Navy.

The ever-cool Mr. Hot Lix.

Dad in 1977, with his 1970 650 BSA Thunderbolt (English-made).

Dad on Block Island. It was a beautiful day on the island, not many people there, and we had a nice time. I knew the ferry ride would be his favorite part, and it was.

One of my favorite photos of Dad.

Dad in the village of Dedinky, Slovakia.

Dad with his famous 1969 Beetle.

Dad milking our goat Brownie. He had just moved to New Mexico and immediately became a farmer. This is one of the earliest photos of him in New Mexico.

Dad did his basic training for the Navy in Great Lakes, IL.

Dad and Governor Toney Anaya at one of the Outta Joint at the Joint concerts.

Dad walking the beach on Block Island.

Dad in Slovakia. We climbed a mountain in 15 minutes, under the hot sun, to get inside this castle. I was wiped out, but Dad had eaten a better breakfast and did fine.

Dad in Kosice, Slovakia. The fountain behind him activates on timed intervals and the movements are synced with music.

me and Dad with his childhood teddy bear

Our Milford house didn't have a garage, so the motorcycle lived in the kitchen.

Dad seeing me off on a flight to the east coast. This was my last day as a resident of New Mexico.

My parents' wedding day, November 5, 1966.

Dad's senior class photo

Dad was well-known for his paella parties

Dad was Mr. October in the 1993 ACLOA calendar.